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Women of Coastal exists to develop authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Women connect through monthly gatherings, grow in small groups and mentoring programs, and serve in ministries and missions of Coastal. 

Join us as we read and discuss this book over the summer!

For our next Sophron podcast series, we would like to do a "book club". We would love it if you and your friends would join us in reading a fictional book. Submit your questions and comments to , and we will discuss it on the podcast!


1.  We would love to invite our unsaved friends to join us and share the truth with them.  

2. As we are in the world, we must be discerning of the truth.  This exercise can help us all grow in discernment.

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Tune in to our podcast every other Thursday! 

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Join the Women of Coastal as we memorize the book of Ephesians.  Go at your own pace.  Some are doing it in a year, 18-months or 2 years, but the point is that you are hiding God's Word in your heart.  Here are resources to help you.

Memorization Schedules Flash Cards ESV Flash Cards NLTEphesians Class Booklet

Devotions on the book of Ephesians

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Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
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Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
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Week 22

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