Spiritual Formation

At Coastal, Small Groups and Spiritual Formation Classes provide an environment for growth.  The truth of the Bible intersects with real life.  In community, you are supported, encouraged and held accountable to becoming more like Christ.


2019 summer session

Art of Parenting

Luther Jenkins and Ben Pettus 
Wednesdays 6:30 pm 
May 1- June 12

Parenting can be the source of life's greatest joys and also its greatest challenges. But parents don't have to go it alone. This course will give parents a simple vision and creative ways to make faith the core of their parenting. Required book can be obtained from class leaders for a $10 fee. Click here to sign up for Art of Parenting!

An introduction to philosophy from a christian perspective

Lee Lavoie
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
June 5- June 26

What's the point of studying philosophy when we have theology? This study is based on the works of Dr. Paul Copan. Dr. Norman Geisler and Dr. William Lane Craig, asserts that it is possible to affirm theology's preeminence without diminishing the value and contribution of philosophy. The study will provide a short introduction into the questions of why and how to incorporate philosophy within the framework of a Christian worldview. It is directed towards people who find themselves interested in intellectual issues and are drawn to philosophy. It is also directed towards Christians who remain suspicious of the value of philosophy and still need to be convinced that this discipline can deepen their faith and equip them to serve God more effectively. Dr. Copan, Geisler, and Craig's books talk to what philosophy  actually is (and should be) and why it is so important for all of us to study philosophy. Click here to sign up for An Introduction to Philosophy From a Christian Perspective!

Solomon Says 

Shawne cooper
Part 1; May 1- may 22
Part 2; mAY 29- jUNE 19
Wednesdays 6:30 pm 
*women only

The book of Proverbs uncovers the foundation of wisdom, marks out the paths that make us wise, and points us to the ultimate source of all true understanding: Jesus Christ. This class will be split into two four-week parts focusing on Proverbs: A 12-Week Study by Lydia Brownback with J.I. Packer as theological editor. Click here to sign up for Solomon Says!

The pursuit of God

Tito Tirado 
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
May 1- June 5

The goal of this six-week class is to provide a biblical perspective of the importance of having a heart that desires to seek God. As we review the chapters of the literary classic by A. W Tozer, The Pursuit of God, we will see that seeking God should be evident in the context of obtaining a genuine relationship between the Creator and the creature. Man must consider God as not only a creator, but the one who sustains life; hence, all creatures must depend solely on Him. With each lesson, we will provide practical applications to inspire and encourage our hearts to be ablaze for God. Click here to sign up for The Pursuit of God!

Theological Triage

Joey Tomlinson & Bethany lay
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
July 10- july 31

Our world is full of "Christian" books, celebrity pastors, podcasts, blogs, and para-church ministries. The internet is full of information about theology and doctrine. In all of this, how can we know what is consistent with God's Word? This class provides practical tools for discerning truth in a world full of half-truths and falsehoods. 

On the person and work of the Holy spirit 

nate weis 
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
*gloucester campus; june 5- june 26

This four-week study will cover such topics as the role of the Spirit in the Godhead, the Spirit in Salvation, the Spirit in the Christian Life, the Holy Spirit in worship, the fruit of the Spirit, and gifts of the Spirit from a cessationist's point of view. Resources used are The Holy Spirit by George Smeaton, Who Is The Holy Spirit by RC Sproul, Spiritual Gifts by Tom Schreiner, and various systematic theology texts. Click here to sign up for On the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit!

Book of galatians

Geoff Williams 
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
*gloucester campus; may 1- june 5

In this spiritual formation class, we will be going through the book of Galatians. We will be studying the means by which we are made in a right standing to God through faith in Jesus Christ and what effect that has on the Christian life. Click here to sign up for Book of Galatians!