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Can I Trust The Bible To Be True?

Truth is its own authority. If the Bible is true, then its authority is assumed. There are many historical persons and events that aren't disputed with less documentation and evidence than the persons and events in Scripture. Yes, Christians believe in the supernatural. But we believe those things because the Bible is a credible source.

A Heart's Condition

Jesus often spoke in parables, but many did not understand what He was trying to say. Pastor Shaun takes a look at Jesus' explanation of the parable of the sower, and compares the different types of soil to the condition of our hearts. Pastor Andrew also talks briefly to the children that are attending during the family service.

Love is Stronger than Fear

There is a difference between godly fear and sinful fear. Godly fear is a reverence for who God is and what He has done. Sinful fear is an emotional response to danger or a perceived danger, which can paralyze us. The love of God is stronger than fear, and allows us to serve Him and a cause greater than ourselves. It enables us to go beyond our comfort zone to love others and to proclaim the Gospel to all the world. We trust Him no matter our circumstances, because we know He is greater than our circumstances.

Jesus Christ claimed to be God. He was there at the beginning of creation, and He was put to death because of who He said He was. His resurrection validates those claims, He is God, He is awesome, He is eternal. He calls us to consider our eternal destiny, because He cares for His people. Eternity hangs in the balance, and it all depends on what you do with the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Just Balance

We serve a God who loves justice, and hates injustice. We also recognize the greatest injustice is that God sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sin and rebellion, and was a substitute for God's wrath. Recognizing that the spread of the gospel is our first priority, and that the overflow of that is common grace in our culture, the church should fight for all who are created in the image of God. That means a just and fair business culture (both for the employer and employee), standing up against racism, and defending unborn children.

Church: Why Bother?

Coastal is passionate about membership because we want to link arms together to do more for the kingdom of God. As Christians, it is essential that we are committed to a local church. We are not called to live a life in isolation. Jesus has commanded us to go and make disciples, and we do that most effectively as a body of believers committed to working together to spread the gospel.

Living in the Stretch

As Christians, we are not called to have faith in faith alone. Rather, we put our trust in a God who has moved throughout documented history, and who made Himself man in the actual person and work of Jesus Christ. We are called to step out on faith and stretch to be more like Christ, and as a church body we move together to do what God has called us to do. The opposite of faith is not unbelief, but disobedience, and we trust God is who He says He is, and we want to submit to His will.

Courage Needed For 2015

Surrendering our fear to God so that we have the courage to follow Christ.

He Is Mighty

Practical Powerful Prayer

How do we have a powerful prayer life? We must identify our adversaries (ourselves, the devil, and the world) and understand that they have been conquered through Christ. We should pray as Jesus taught us, with our prayers centered on God and not ourselves. When we recognize our complete dependence on Him, we can humble ourselves and submit to His will for our lives. Once we experience intimacy with God, we will see that He is enough regardless of the circumstances around us.

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