Spiritual Formation

At Coastal, Small Groups and Spiritual Formation Classes provide an environment for growth.  The truth of the Bible intersects with real life.  In community, you are supported, encouraged and held accountable to becoming more like Christ.

Winter Spiritual Formation offerings

Sixteen weeks of each year are set aside in our global calendar for Spiritual Formation classes. Many of our year–round small groups will break for these weeks and attend a class together. Our classes cover a variety of topics including Bible study, book study, and topical study. We offer both gender–specific classes and co–ed classes each Spiritual Formation season. This winter, we have multiple classes meeting for each of the five Wednesdays in January in addition to a couple of ongoing classes each Tuesday and financial seminars on select Mondays. To register for this class, email .

January Classes

How to Help People Change
Joey Tomlinson | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Five–week class on the foundations of providing counsel and care using the Scriptures. Can we actually help people change? Are the Scriptures sufficient to be utilized in counseling?Join us as we wade through the resources that God has provided to us to help us care for one another. Open to those wishing to receive training in biblical counseling. $17.00 cost for book (scholarships available). Small Group leaders are encouraged to attend. To register for this class, email .

Biblical Principles for a Godly Marriage
David Wilson | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Five–week class on improving the quality of our marriages. This class will demonstrate that God has given us some very clear principles by which to govern our marriages that will bring about more than a partnership. It will bring a true bonding of hearts resulting in a relationship we wouldn’t want to leave. To register for this class, email .

Christian Ethics
Nate Weis | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Five–week class on how to form a biblical basis of ethics and morals. The goal of this class is to equip believers on how to have a consistent biblical worldview in decision making. To register for this class, email .

How the Gospel Transforms Us
Dave Johnson | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Five–week class on allowing the Gospel to transform the way that we live. Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is to this life?” Even as followers of Jesus, we can find ourselves thinking, “There must be more to this Christian life.” There is… and it’s better than you probably think! We will NOT be giving you a longer “to do” list. We will discover the power and foundation that needs to be in place for us to carry out the mission Jesus has given us… without burning out or blowing up! To register for this class, email .

Knowing and Following God’s Will for Your Life
Jim Anklam | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Five–week class on discerning and pursuing the will of God for our lives. All of us are faced with challenges and decisions every day. Many times, we wish God would just tell us what to do. In this study, we will discover what God’s will is for each of us and ways we can follow Him through all of the situations and choices we encounter each day. To register for this class, email .

Embracing Suffering
Carol Johnson | Wednesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.
*women only

5 week class on suffering. No one is exempt from suffering. What does the Bible say about the purpose of suffering and our response to it? How do we support others in their suffering? Can we really find joy in suffering? How do we prepare ourselves and our children for suffering? How can I bring glory to God through suffering? Come join us as we search the Scriptures, find answers to these questions and more, and learn how to truly embrace suffering. To register for this class, email .

Winter Seminars

Financial Seminars
Mondays | 6:30–8 p.m.

Financial professionals in the community are partnering with Coastal to add financial classes to our Spiritual Formation schedule. Beginning January 8th, they will offer seminars on four various financial topics. Come to learn how to steward your finances well from experts in the field. To register for any of these seminars, email .

January 8th | Credit & Identity Theft
January 22nd | Estate Planning & Longterm Care
January 29th | Saving
February 5th | Investing 101

Ongoing Classes

Deeper: A Study of John
Cheryl Sharp | Tuesdays | 7 p.m.
*women only

Join Women of Coastal every Tuesday this winter for Deeper from 7–8 p.m. Over the coming months we will be digging through the Gospel of John, learning about the relationships that Jesus had with his disciples, the way he ministered to others while here on earth, and what it means to believe in Jesus in order that we might experience the fullness of life. To register for this class, email .

The Heart of Addiction
Marty Ferenc with Dan Reeder and Wendy Livingstone with Beth East | Tuesdays | 6:30–8 p.m.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or sex, we would like to invite you to The Heart of Addiction. This gospel–centered group meets weekly following along Mark Shaw’s “The Heart of Addiction” curriculum. There is a curriculum cost of $15, however scholarships are available for those with limited funds. Men and women are divided into gender–specific classes. This group is highly confidential. If you are interested in attending or have further questions, you can contact the class leader, Marty Ferenc, directly by emailing .