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Small Groups

Small Group Life

At Coastal, small groups are an important part of everyone’s faith journey and in knowing Jesus better and more personally. Small groups are the place that life and God’s Word intersect. We get to see where God’s Word practically applies to every situation and how to adjust our lives to the way God designed us to as we live this out with other people trying to do the same thing. We have two seasons at Coastal – February to April and September to November – in which we encourage every person at Coastal to start with a short-term commitment of 6-8 weeks. During these seasons ALL of our small groups’ discussions are sermon-based (revolving around the weekend message and the scriptures used).

The rest of the year, in the “off seasons”, our small groups continue but will have the flexibility to continue doing sermon-based materials or to choose other resources from our Small Group Resource List. People will choose to stick with their current group or find a new group in order to meet new people or cover a different topic. These seasons and materials give easy opportunities for people to join a small group at any time during the year. For an idea of some of the other study topics our small groups use, check out our Books page in the Resources section of the site.

Child care is one of the biggest obstacles to families who want to participate in small groups but have young kids. To overcome this obstacle we offer child care reimbursement to families participating in our small groups. The reimbursement program allows families to choose their own babysitters so they are comfortable with them and the sitters are only accountable to one family. It also allows families to choose from all small groups instead of just the few that might have childcare and it minimizes the obstacles for attending a group on a given week (i.e., the kids haven't eaten yet, they have homework, they have an early bedtime or they are sick) because the sitter is coming to the home to assist in those aspects. For someone who is new to the area, we would be glad to assist you by giving you some names of potential sitters. We have a number of high school and college young ladies that enjoy babysitting (however many of the college girls go home for the summer).

For a list of our small groups, click the button below. Here you will see a list of groups and can perform a search to help match your needs. If you have any further questions please contact Sandy Gibson at 757-867-5683.

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