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What a Difference 9,125 Days Make!

 Perhaps you have heard the saying, “what a difference a day makes.”   Or you may remember Annie singing to us that “the sun will come out tomorrow.”  There are many clichés that we throw around to encourage one another not to give up.  But I must admit that sometimes one day doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference.  What about 9,125 days?  That is 25 years.  Stop for a moment and consider what you were doing 25 years ago.

               Our journey with Abraham began in Genesis 12.  There God promised Him that He would make of him a great nation.  Now as we come into Genesis 18 it is 24 years later, and Abraham is far from fathering a great nation.  His only son is Ishmael, and God was clear that the blessing would not come through him.

               Three visitors come to see Abraham in this chapter, and one of them is the LORD.  (Yes, Jesus makes an appearance here in the Old Testament.  This is called a Christophany.)  The LORD says to Abraham that He will return in about a year, and Sarah will have a son.  If this happened today, “LOL” would be broadcast all over social media!  Both Abraham and Sarah laughed out loud.  You would, too, if you were nearly 100 years old and unable to have children.

But God was faithful to His promises.  God will always do what He says He will do.  Twenty-five years passed by the time God’s promise was fulfilled for Abraham to be the father of the nation of Israel.  But it happened just as He said it would.

               Twenty-five years ago, I had just graduated from college, and I was ready to make my mark in the world.  In that time, I have been married.  I have had a child who is now a teenager.  I have owned a small business.  I have received my Master’s degree.  My husband and I have known what it is like to question whether or not we will be able to make ends meet, and we have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.  I have questioned whether Christianity is even worth the trouble, and as a result, I have come to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ than ever before!

               In short, I have learned that God will do what He says He will do.  It may not be tomorrow.  It may be a dozen tomorrows…a hundred tomorrows…or 9,125 tomorrows…but God will do what He says He will do.  The story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18 gives us an example of this.

Like them, we must live by faith.  This is where the picture gets a little fuzzy in today’s culture.  How does one “live by faith”?

It is clear in this story of Abraham and Sarah that God does not act because of our faith.  Abraham and Sarah did not have a son because of their incessant prayers of faith.  They did not simply believe and receive.  The LORD Himself stood before them and proclaimed God’s promise, and they both laughed!

Living a life of faith is choosing to live each day to glorify God.  It is living blamelessly by choosing to do what is right.  And we do this because of what God has done, believing that He will continue to do what He says He will do.  Abraham and Sarah made their share of mistakes, but through their 9,125 days, they continued to choose to follow God.  They sought to live a life that would glorify Him.  He would fulfill His promises…period.  They had to believe…period.

We must live by faith…PERIOD.

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