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Come Hell or High Water (Part 2)

Matthew 28:18-20

Last week we discussed Hell and for the discussion on Evangelism today, I want us to view Hell as the foundation for a house. Hell is the foundation and evangelism is the remainder of the house- one is incomplete without the other. Let me explain- as a stated last week, if I am a Christian and I choose not to evangelize, then I am like a doctor who does not warn my patient of their heart disease. Or think of it within the arena of construction, I’ve built the foundation, but never finished the house- no can live there, right? The same is said for a Christian who does not evangelize, we are only partly obeying God. But what about evangelizing without a notion of hell? I’m glad you asked! If I evangelize but have no mention of hell or thought of eternal damnation in my mind, why am I evangelizing? To spread the Good News? Well, how can that news be good if there is no bad?

            In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commissions his disciples to “go.” To go and make disciples, to baptize them, to teach them to obey His commands and to take heart knowing that Christ is with them even to the end of the age. How lackluster is the evangelism that comes from a Christian who cares little of hell!The reality of Hell- as Pastor Shaun stated this past Sunday- is the eternal separation from the presence of God’s grace and the eternal union to the presence of God’s wrath. Simply put, the worst place in which one could spend eternity in is Hell and last week what we read in Luke made it very clear that all those who find themselves there will know where they are. So here we are, doctors who continue to practice medicine but refuse to warn of the impending doom and I am fairly certain that all of us would agree of such practice is wrong. Yet, we live as if it were right. We let the fear of man keep us from fulfilling the great commission. 

What would happen if we built the whole house in our lives- evangelizing our friends, families, neighbors, coworkers etc. out of an urgency that comes from knowing where they will spend eternity. How can we give gifts for birthday’s and holidays, send cards when they are sick, but not share the greatest gift and reveal the only cure? I would say the reason for that is that we have more urgency when we accidentally send a text to the wrong person than for the saving of the lost. We care more about not appearing weird or “super Christian” by always talking about God and asking people about their faith. However, we must be careful so as not to be lukewarm Christians. For Rev 3:16 clearly states that God will spit those people out of his mouth. Come Hell or High Water, everyone who is lost is going to Hell, but do we care? If we do, let us show it in our actions and words! How wonderful would it be if we said with Charles Spurgeon“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay.” How many souls would be saved from an eternity of torment if we simply said: “come Hell or high water, I will do whatever it takes to see the souls of the lost saved.”



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