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Confrontation as a Christian

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If you are anything like me, hearing the word “confrontation” conjures up feelings of uneasiness and discomfort. However, the Bible gives descriptive words that are nothing like the feelings we may have when the subject of confrontation is brought up in a conversation or when God is prodding us to confront someone.

Not too long ago, God was prodding me to confront someone about a habitual sin. This person professed to be a Christ follower, but he had allowed sin to harden his heart in a very deceitful way. I knew that it was my responsibility, as a brother in Christ, to help him see that his sin was deceiving him. After many months of praying for him, meeting with him, talking on the phone, and spontaneously showing up to encourage him, his sin continued to deceive him.

The biggest struggle I had during this time was that he had asked me not to tell anyone else what was happening; yet, I knew I needed to have another mature Christian to help me in this confrontation.  I obviously was not able to help him on my own, but I didn’t want to break confidentiality. The only thing I knew to do at this point was to pray. I continued to pray for my brother, and I started to pray for another mature Christian to somehow find out about the habitual sin my brother in Christ was acting upon.

After a short time, God answered the second half of my prayer in the affirmative. Another mature Christian and good friend of mine, learned of this person’s habitual sin.   After many months of individually confronting our brother about his habitual sin, it was clear to both of us that our brother was going to continue in his rebellion.

At this point, we knew the next step was to involve some leaders in the church to help with the situation. One of the pastors and an elder of the church were brought in on the situation. We needed to confront our brother as a group that represented the church. During this confrontation, we laid out the evidence that lead us to this juncture and steps to reconciliation including repentance.  We directed our brother to cling to Jesus during this time, and he finally decided to take some of the first steps toward healing.

My hope is that my brother in Christ finds healing in and through God and that our relationship can be a peaceable one again.  He has struggled with anger toward me for going through these steps of confrontation. While he is only in his first steps in the process of reconciliation, it is not clear how my brother in Christ will fare, so I continue to pray for him.

Regardless of the outcome, I know that I have benefited from obeying God’s prodding. I have been able to experience firsthand the Biblical purpose and way of confrontation.  I no longer hold the feelings I shared in the beginning of this blog. God has grown me, and He has revealed His glory.  May God’s glory always be revealed through our confrontation. 

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