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God's Purpose for Salvation

Submission is God’s tool to ensure His created order is carried out by mankind. Men uphold their call to sacrificially love their wives as well as nurture and care for the souls of their children in hopes they’ll come to know and love Christ. Submitting to their husbands does not oppress women. As a woman prepares for marriage, she gets to dutifully pray for God’s guidance in finding a godly spouse. She gets to choose whom she’ll marry. In submission to God, she voluntarily chooses to submit to her husband because both God and her husband promise to take care of her. Wives then get to partner with their husbands to bring up children to know Christ.

Many women choose to care for their children and give their time and energy to taking care of their home. Being elbow deep in suds to wash dishes or a toddler can both be acts of worship to God. Any task a woman performs in her home, she can do it for God’s glory. Similarly, women who work outside of their home must submit themselves to their employers and may likewise face thankless days as the women working at home, but it is ultimately the condition of her heart that will determine her actions as worship.

Men will work hard and with integrity, most often outside of the home. If they’re fortunate, they’ll have an appreciative boss who recognizes their hard work. Even if this ideal is lacking, God has authority over both employer and laborer, therefore He deserves the laboring man’s best efforts regardless of the boss’s status of recognizing it.

Children are God’s blessing to men and women. I find it astounding that God entrusts these precious gifts to sinful, broken people, but God has commanded men and women to cherish, love, nurture, and discipline their children as a means to win more souls for Christ. God gives the gift of parenting in order for us to make disciples and to further expand His Kingdom. He has planned this from the beginning of time, and He set things in motion using submission as a means to shepherd His chosen ones to bring glory unto Himself

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Be Heavenly Minded

As we come into chapter 3 of Colossians, the stage has been set.  We left chapter 2 with the idea that anything that adds to or subtracts from Scripture is not the truth…it is man-made legalism.  Legalism can hold us captive, but in Christ, we have been set free, and this is how chapter 3 begins.
“If then you have been raised with Christ…”  All that follows in this chapter is written to those who are believers.  Those who are followers of Christ.  Those who have been given new life and are no longer bound to their old selves.  We, as authentic followers of Jesus Christ, are to “set our minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”
You’ve probably heard the saying, “She is so heavenly minded that she is of no earthly good.”  But this contradicts verse 2 which specifically exhorts us to be heavenly minded.   I think that we would all agree that we do not want to be exclusively earthly minded.  So, we settle into the idea of a balanced mindset, and this is where American Christianity has taken a bad turn.
Colossians 3:2 does not say, “set your mind on things that are above in addition to things that are on earth.”  Why is this?  Matthew Henry, in his commentary of the Colossians, says, “Heaven and earth are contrary one to the other, and a supreme regard to both is inconsistent; and the prevalence of our affection to one will proportionably weaken and abate our affection to the other.”   In other words, if we are “balanced,” we weaken our affection for both heaven and earth.
American Christianity takes pride in the fact that we do not love the things of this earth “like unbelievers” while at the same time boasts that we accept and affirm unbelievers in order to win them.  Perhaps our affections are weakened to this earth, but as much as we love the things of earth, we weaken our love for heaven.  Our Christianity becomes lukewarm, and God is clear in Revelation 3:16 that this Christianity He will spit out of His mouth.
Romans 8:6 says “to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”  For us set our minds on things above, we must do two things.  We must discard the things of the flesh and take on the things of the Spirit.  Verses 5-9 show us what discarding the flesh looks like.
We are to get rid of sexual immorality, impurity, rage, evil desire, covetousness, anger, wrath, malice, slander, obscene talk, lying, and all the practices of our old, sinful selves.  This covers it all.  While we may be able to say, “I have not committed sexual immorality”, none of us can say that we have never been angry, gossiped or lied.  We all have something to put off.
How do we practically put off the old self?  We set our minds on things above.  While it is that simple, it is not that easy.  The world, our flesh, and the devil are constantly at work pulling our minds back to earthly things.  This is the spiritual battle, and to win the battle we must be heavenly minded.  Not lukewarm.  Not “balanced.”  But centered on Christ constantly putting our old selves to death.
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